Town Mountain: There's Never A Last Ride In The Van

Banjo player Jesse Langlais chuckled when he first saw the question about Town Mountain as a bluegrass finishing school. It is true that the band has had a lot of members come and go over their 11+ years, and many have done quite well after their tenure in this five piece from Asheville, NC. It is also true that once you are Town Mountain member, there is a reunion somewhere in your future. There is never a last ride in the van: once you play in the band, you are like family.

Arthur Grimes buck dances with Town Mountain at MerleFest in 2018

Arthur Grimes buck dances with Town Mountain at MerleFest in 2018

As tightly knit and warm as they are, there is also an edge and a swagger to Town Mountain. All five members are well versed in the bluegrass tradition, but they also have some rock and roll in them, and the dexterity to weave these influences together seamlessly. With the addition of drums, and a song co-written by and featuring Tyler Childers on their latest album New Freedom Blues, they show their ability to stay true to the music of icons like Bill Monroe and Jimmy Martin while building something altogether new. I spoke with Jesse, mandolin player Phil Barker and bassist Zach Smith, their producer Caleb Klauder and others in this episode which features album tracks and live tunes from the band. Plus, a wee bit of The Police and R.E.M. It really does make sense once you hear it, we promise.

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Next up? A bit of a departure, as we take a deep dive into the song “Wagon Wheel” and talk with artists who played it. Drop us a line if you have a story to tell! - Joe Kendrick