Getting To Know Noah Guthrie

Update: the episode is posted in a follow-up below.

We had a marvelous time last weekend with Noah Guthrie and his family when they trekked up the mountain to be with us for our latest Lingua Musica show. I interviewed Noah before his performance with his brother Ian in front of an intimate, adoring audience, some of whom had driven over two hours to get to Moonlight Mile. Ian Guthrie plays drums with Noah on the show 2-8-14

Noah just turned 20 and comes across as incredibly well grounded, even though his career has taken off into the stratosphere. Already making appearances on Dancing With The Stars and the Today show, and with millions of views of his YouTube channel, you might think Noah could have an air of superiority about him, however that's not the case whatsoever. He is as down to earth an artist as I've ever met, and has an easy-going demeanor that helped make conversation flow easily. Noah's father David Guthrie and host Joe Kenrdrick before the show

Stay tuned for our video of the show and for news of our upcoming shows this February 28th with Aaron Burdett and his band,  Hank West & the Smokin' Hots on March 8th and Danny Barnes on March 22nd.

Thanks to Barbie Angell for emceeing the show!

Christmas with Barbie Angell

The holidays always come with a musical connection in my brain.  From driving around, looking at Christmas lights while singing the inappropriate version of We Three Kings, to opening presents while Bing Crosby crooned in the background.  Our family was big on tradition I think.  One of the things which carried on from then was a small box of Whitman's chocolates.  My stocking always had one in it when I was little and, up until his death in 2001, my father made sure I got one every year.  Since then, I have picked up where he left off.  Each year I buy the little, yellow box for everyone in my family and think of him.
                                                                One holiday song that has also carried on in my mind as quintessential Christmas was also a favorite of my father's.  Snoopy VS The Red Baron by The Royal Guardsmen is certainly considered a novelty song, but I think that the category can sometimes diminish the value for people.  It's not just a happy Christmas tune, it's a song about war that prays for peace, if only for one day.  I think we could all use a little of that in our lives.