Danny Barnes on the Lingua Musica show 3/22

I've been fascinated with Danny Barnes for years, especially since hearing his post-Bad Livers solo recordings. His blog delivers a constant supply of insightful, thought-provoking articles on the intersections of art and commerce in the life of a musician. Danny's music is both ancient and futuristic, simultaneously strange and familiar. Danny Barnes

We welcome Danny to the Moonlight Mile stage Saturday, March 22nd at 7:30 p.m. for an interview followed by his show. It's not your typical solo banjo performance, mind you.

“Typically, when you’re rollin’ out there (on stage), people start thinking about wagon wheels and rolling hay or something like that, you know. But actually, harmonically speaking it’s kind of an advanced instrument," Danny told the Eugene Register-Guard recently, "“The way it’s pitched and the timbre — you can play with an orchestra, a punk rock band, a traditional jazz quartet, a country band, a rock band. It fits in almost anywhere, because it’s somewhere between a drum and a melodic ­instrument.”

Get your tickets here or at the door at Moonlight Mile studio, located at 565 Long Shoals Road, Suite 203, Arden NC 28704. We recommend advance purchase as there is room for only 50 guests.