Importing and Exporting Music with Eric de Fontenay

Lingua Musica goes around the world in our latest conversation with Music Dish and's Eric de Fontenay, recorded 9-28-13. As one who listens to dozens of new music releases a week, I was quite aware of music from both Asia and Europe, but my knowledge of icons like PSY and new genres like K-pop, as well as personal favorites like Shonen Knife, Dengue Fever, Soukouchi Kina and a raft of artists and bands from Europe was dwarfed by the experience of our latest guest. Eric de Fontenay

We had a lively conversation via Google Hangout On Air, with Eric in New York City and me at home in North Carolina. G+ threw me a curve ball, however, as my voice's audio was delayed a split second, making it incredibly difficult to speak normally. I learned how much we key in on what we're hearing of our own voice in order to speak, and eventually improved my delivery by trying to ignore the delayed voice I was hearing in my headset. However, you'll notice that on the intro especially, I sound like I've been drugged, and periodically I stutter. Please forgive this and the fact that Eric's video never appears. Again, G+ didn't quite live up to expectations, as their program normally is set to automatically show whomever is talking on screen. Hopefully this does not detract from the show too terribly, as Eric is a fascinating entrepreneur and a great conversationalist. Music Dish's showcase and panels at this year's CMJ Music Marathon

In addition to our YouTube video of the show, you can download the podcast from this site as well.  I hope you enjoy the show and please feel free to leave a comment; the conversation is not complete without you!

The video of our conversation is linked below. Stay tuned for more interviews with music professionals and thanks for visiting.

-Joe Kendrick