Southern Songs and Stories

Lingua Musica announces a new music documentary produced by Joe Kendrick and Tony Preston of Moonlight Mile studio called Southern Songs and Stories. Work on our half hour pilot episode featuring western NC singer-songwriter Aaron Burdett is underway, and includes footage of his performance on the Lingua Musica Show from earlier this year, more recent performances including one in the studio with Anya Hinkle of Tellico, scenes from Organic Records as well as his home and his parents' home. Aaron's parents' home is in Saluda, at the other end of this long and rather challenging roadThe show celebrates the music of the South and the artists who make it by showcasing their performances and the stories behind their songs. Here you'll get to know the music artists and professionals of the Appalachians and beyond, from their life at home to life on the road and from the studio to sound check. Join us on our journey into the hills and hollers, juke joints and concert halls, garages and record bins, city streets and tip jars as we take a trip down South on Southern Songs and Stories. Stay tuned for news of the pilot episode's release!

Anya Hinkle of Tellico and Aaron Burdett at Moonlight Mile studio