Episode 243: Danny Barnes

Joe talks with banjo iconoclast Danny Barnes ahead of his performance Saturday night 3-22-14 on the Lingua Musica Show at Moonlight Mile in Arden, NC. Danny’s latest record, Shri 108, is a further exploration of music he calls “barnyard electronics”, a solo album that blends acoustic and programmed music with lyrical themes of struggle and common dignity. 

Danny Barnes

In this wide-ranging conversation, Danny touches on everything from the making of his new record to the innovations of musical pioneer Earl Scruggs to his love of vinyl and cassette formats and much more.

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Episode 242: NC Music Past & Present With Daniel Coston

Photographer and writer Daniel Coston visited WNCW and host Joe Kendrick as guest DJ to talk about North Carolina music and his two new books: There Was A Time and NC Musicians

This was recorded 11-19-13 and features music from both current artists in the NC Musicians book as well as many rare and out-of-print selections from Charlotte and NC's musical past.

Daniel Coston at WNCW

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Episode 241: Midatlantic Music Conference 2013 with James Caldwell

James Caldwell is conference manager of the Midatlantic Music Conference and Festival which runs November 7th through 10th in Charlotte, NC. Joe talked with James on the phone this week ahead of his appearance on the first panel of the conference Friday evening at the Chop Shop in the NoDa district of the Queen City.

This is the full version of the conversation that was edited for broadcast on WNCW 11-8-13.

Full article covering the conference available here.

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Episode 240: Arcade Fire radio special

Here's a blast from the past: our Arcade Fire interview at The Orange Peel in Asheville NC from January 2004. Joe Kendrick, John Murphy and Jason Lineberger talk with the band about their then new album Funeral (in between some of their songs), how David Byrne had been showing up at their concerts, Merge Records' etiquette training, and how Beethoven sold out once he got syphylis. We're pretty sure they were pulling our leg on that last one.

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Episode 238: Mac McCaughan in September 2005

We're gearing up to see Superchunk play in Asheville again and it felt like a perfect opportunity to go back to this interview I did with Mac when he came to the Grey Eagle with Portastatic in 2005.

We talk about how some things have changed over the years with touring and being in a band, how some of their audience has gotten stuck in the earlier sound of Superchunk, about cassette culture, payola involving bands like Franz Ferdinand (who also have a new record out after a long absence), Mac's half-joking advice not to start a band or record label and much more.

Superchunk's new record is called I Hate Music and is their 10th studio album.

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Episode 237: The Business of Music, part 2

Streamed live on iamavl.com on January 4, 2013, this is the second half of the conversation with Jessica Tomasin, Michael Selverne and Josh Blake.

Michael begins this part of the show with analysis of how the music industry failed to utilize digital technology and the turning point of when Wilco was dropped by their label even though they brought in many millions in sales.

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Episode 235: ARC History with Roger Raymer

We wrap up our 20th anniversary highlights with Joe Kendrick's interview with original ARC host Roger Raymer.

Twenty years after his radio debut on WNCW, Roger recalls how the grassroots organization from Charlotte began and how he and his two co-hosts then featured music from groups like Anitseen, Butthole Surfers, Nick Cave and Black Flag. Roger and his co-hosts billed their show as "The Wacky Package", which had its own fan mailing list and occasional musical guests. 

This podcast is the full version of the conversation which originally aired on during Rob Dave's show 11/6/12.

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Episode 234: ARC History with Randy Walker

Former host Randy Walker was an overnight host from 1998 to 2001, and is now Public Affairs Producer at WSGE where he produces and hosts the radio magazine show Roundtable's Sunday Edition.

Randy describes his first visit to WNCW with some three dozen others who wanted to be on late nght radio, recalls the music of the era including favorites like King Missile and Death In Vegas, and much more.

This interview originally aired 11/17/12 on WNCW.

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Episode 233: ARC History with Rachel Stewart

We continue to celebrate ARC's 20th anniversary with Joe Kendrick's interview of founding Alternative Radio Coalition member Rachel Stewart

Rachel was one of the few original ARC hosts with prior radio experience from hosting WDAV's alternative music program "Flipsides" in the late 1980's. In this conversation, she recalls the initial meetings that got the grassroots organization off the ground, her work as ARC's first Music Director, putting up an ARC booth at Lollapalooza in Charlotte, and much more.

This interview aired originally 11/2/12 on WNCW. Photo credit: Wiley Stewart/WDAV

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Episode 232: ARC and WNCW History with Marshall Ballew

Marshall Ballew was WNCW's beloved morning mix host for many years, but he was also the first DJ for World Alternative on October 13th, 1989, WNCW's first day of broadcasting. Join midday host Joe Kendrick in this conversation with Marshall as he recalls he early days of World Alternative and ARC Overnight, how WNCW was almost an exclusively acoustic station, his love of playing music like Captain Beefheart, Laurie Anderson, The Connels and Pylon late at night, how he still buys cassettes and much more.

This conversation is the full version of the original broadcast from 10/5/12 on WNCW

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Episode 231: ARC History with Dick Huey

Dick Huey was one of the original eight people from Charlotte who created the Alternative Radio Coalition, which debuted ARC Overnight on WNCW in October 1992. . Joe Kendrick's conversation with him highlights his role as membership director of ARC, his memories of the music of the era, and his music career since then.

This interview was first broadcast on Rob Daves' show on WNCW 10/3/12

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Episode 230: ARC History with Markey Austin

Join WNCW's Joe Kendrick as he talks with Markey Austin about her memories of the early days of ARC Overnight, the wave of alternative and regional music from the era, and her return to the airwaves October 7th, 2012 with co-host "Mad Dog" Sherril Ward in their celebration of ARC's 20th anniversary on the air.

Markey is now president of Charlotte graphics design company Community Marketing Services, and although her work schedule now is oriented towards daytime hours rather than the wee hours of the morning, she still keeps a hand in the music scene by seeing shows and listening to WNCW. This conversation was broadcast 9/25/12 on WNCW.

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Episode 229: Sacred Cows

What It Is brings back an episode which aired before this blog was created. Host Joe Kendrick is joined by panelists Jeff Eason and Fred Mills in this conversation about artists and bands that are, to a great many people, so revered as to be above reproach and any criticism. However, we bring along an axe and a chopping block to the doorsteps of several Sacred Cows that we feel are overdue for a visit. Grateful Dead, Robert Johnson and John Lennon fans be aware that answering the doorbell to this visit by the What It Is crew may be an unwelcome surprise.

Reaction to the show was polarized: folks either loved it or hated it. We got a great number of email responses and I will work to publish these in an article on the What It Is blog soon.

Original air date 7-9-2008

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Episode 227: What Is Good In Music Today

Daniel Coston and Aaron Berg join host Joe Kendrick in this conversation about some of the good news in the music world. The digital age has transformed the landscape of the music business, and while it may be harder to make money selling music, the volume of music being made and the connectivity of artists and fans has gone through the roof.

This is the full version of the show that was edited for radio broadcast 4-25 and 4-26-12

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Episode 226: Remembering Levon Helm

With the sad news of the passing of Levon Helm last week, I quickly called on panelists Bob Hinkle and Jeff Eason. Bob worked with The Band on their Rock Of Ages album and knew Levon, and Jeff, like many of us, is a huge fan and has seen Levon play live. We talk by phone in this tribute to Levon that is the full version of the show that was edited for radio broadcast 4-23 and 4-24-12

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Episode 225: Record Store Day 2012

What It Is previews the 5th annual Record Store Day with panelist Aaron Berg and Daniel Coston. We discuss the importance of retail music outlets, some details of regional stores' offerings and live performances on 4/21/12, and touch on the culture of record stores.

This is the full version of the show that was edited for radio broadcast 4-18 and 4-19-12

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