Episode 229: Sacred Cows

What It Is brings back an episode which aired before this blog was created. Host Joe Kendrick is joined by panelists Jeff Eason and Fred Mills in this conversation about artists and bands that are, to a great many people, so revered as to be above reproach and any criticism. However, we bring along an axe and a chopping block to the doorsteps of several Sacred Cows that we feel are overdue for a visit. Grateful Dead, Robert Johnson and John Lennon fans be aware that answering the doorbell to this visit by the What It Is crew may be an unwelcome surprise.

Reaction to the show was polarized: folks either loved it or hated it. We got a great number of email responses and I will work to publish these in an article on the What It Is blog soon.

Original air date 7-9-2008

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