Episode 237: The Business of Music, part 2

Streamed live on iamavl.com on January 4, 2013, this is the second half of the conversation with Jessica Tomasin, Michael Selverne and Josh Blake.

Michael begins this part of the show with analysis of how the music industry failed to utilize digital technology and the turning point of when Wilco was dropped by their label even though they brought in many millions in sales.

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Episode 2: Visual Elements In Live Music

What It Is Radio Episode 2: Visual Elements In Live Music

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The second episode of What It Is Radio, Visual Elements in Live Music. Carol Rifkin, Parrish Ellis and Roland Dierauf join host Joe Kendrick in a topic suggested by Roland: why do you say that you're going to "see" live music rather than "hear" live music? What It Is takes a turn at conversing about the emphasis (or lack thereof) on showmanship, lasers and other elements of spectacle in live musical performance.

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