Drew and David from Toubab Krewe talk with Joe Kendrick

David Pransky (left) and Drew Heller (right)

Here's a transcript of my Skype conversation with Drew Heller and David Pransky of Toubab Krewe from 7-8-11. Note that this transcript is not the full conversation (which is, unfortunately, very garbled) but contains all questions and essential points:

I'm Joe Kendrick, very happy to be joined by Drew Heller and David Pransky of Touabab Krewe on the internet through Skype ahead of their show in Greensboro, NC, tonight. How has the tour been going?

David: Great, wild! It's been a wild little tour out west. We dropped the bus off in New York City and flew to Chicago and played Electric Forest and drove back to Chicago and flew out to San Fransisco and played High Sierra Music Festival and zipped to Mendocino for 4th of July festivities, back to San Fransisco, flew back to New York and got back about 10 a.m. yesterday, and we drove all through the evening and now we're here! Woohoo!! [David and Drew high five]

Drew: I think we're going to get some good sleep at the end of this week.

We had a good time at the beach near Mendocino, at a beautiful spot there.

David: It's cold up there in the ocean this time of year!

Joe: So you're playing tomorrow night with The Secret B-Sides and Floating Action. Have you ever gigged with those cats before?

Drew: Never with The Secret B-Sides and I'm looking forward to that. We have played with Floating Action and we're excited to be with them again.

David: We're excited for the venue, too. I've never been there but I hear great things about Pisgah Brewing. It'll be a nice change of pace and we will be in our home town.

Joe: I wanted to ask you about what instruments you'll bring to the fold. I noticed on TK2, it's a little more electric than previous discs. I noticed, too, that you're playing Moog synthesizers. Tell us a little bit about how your sound is evolving.

Drew: It's a slow process of bringing it in. It's a big change. We've been a fan of Moog for a long time. We use instruments theremin and Little Phatty, and have slowly incorporated them into what it is we do as a group.

David: We've definitely evolved and our rock influences are starting to come out these days. I think it's evident now.

Joe: Well, speaking of rock 'n roll, you've got the whole visual element going. I'm dating myself, but I go back to the days of bands where you would meticulously draw out their names which were all symbolic and very visual. You've got the same thing going on with the logo and the dress and the instruments themselves. It's all very spectacular.

Drew: It was great at High Sierra, we had these stilt dancers on stage with us, with masks and feathers and as visually expressive as we could make it. We've played every kind of scenario, from just two light bulbs over us to laser lights everywhere.

Joe: It's a pleasure to have Toubab Krewe on Lingua Musica, where music is the universal language. Thanks for being on the show, gentlemen!