Lingua Musica Gets the Blues

Lingua Musica host Joe Kendrick talks with John McVey, Frosty Smith, James Cloyd Jr. and Aaron Price at the Altamont Theatre on April 18th, just ahead of their performance that night. Artists International, headed by Andrew Reed, will film the interviews and live show.

As John's website states, he was "brought up by Larry Davis and Albert King, both of whom pushed him to find his own tone. He did just that."

Blues music is the wellspring for all forms of American music, from jazz to bluegrass to country and rock and roll. It remains alive and well in its many forms, from the urban sophistication pioneered by Big Joe Turner, to the Delta and Hill Country styles of icons like Muddy Waters and rising stars like Cedric Burnside. John McVey, dubbed the 'missing 4th West Side guitarist', takes Chicago and Texas blues to a level of intensity and precision that is unique in music.

Listening to John's music calls to mind the Albert King quote: "I can't read, I don't know how to write, my whole life has been one big fight." Stay tuned for our video interviews of John, Frosty, James and Aaron, and check them out live - just make sure you bring ear plugs!