Lingua Musica with Ahleuchatistas

Ahluechatistas are Shane Perlowin and Ryan Oslance, who craft highly technical, spellbinding instrumental music. The creative tension derived from their mastery of both tight-knit composition and improvisation is what helps fuel their flight, which routinely careens over musical territories as dispirate as ragtime, free jazz and ambient, often within moments of one another.  As an reviewer put it, "this is music that demands attention; it is decidedly not background music." Don't let their easy-going demeanor fool you, because Ahleuchatistas music is explosive. Beautiful, too, but not for the faint of heart. The origin of their name tells it best: taking from the Charlie Parker song, "Ahleucha" and from the Zapatistas in Mexico, Ahleuchatistas embodies both musical and social revolution.

Thanks for watching and we look forward to another conversation with Ryan and Shane in the near future. -Joe Kendrick