Valentines Day Music

As the song says, most of the girls like to dance but only some of the boys doTrying to tackle love themes in music is like trying to wrap your arms around most all music ever made, and even analyzing the various types of love songs (true, puppy, unrequited, break-ups and so on) might require the longest post ever on Lingua Musica.

Seeing as how we are approaching the 11th hour, however, I thought it at least would be nice to acknowledge the holiday and a favorite band which has been conspicuously absent for 22 years: My Bloody Valentine. The pent-up demand for the seminal band's music is so great that as of now, their website has crashed due to the volume of hits from folks wanting to stream and/or buy their new self-titled album. Here's a review from our friends at Blurt! magazine to give you an idea of the dissonant beauty that has been absent for a whole generation. What better gift for your loved one on this holiday celebrating the gifts of cupid's arrows? Well, if you can access their website successfully, then you'll be able to pony up the $16 for a download, $22 for a CD or $30.50 for an LP and make a great impression on that special someone tomorrow.

In the meantime, the album tracks have been put on the band's YouTube page. Here's the album opener, "She Found Now"