We Have Liftoff!

The new Lingua Musica series launched last weekend with our friend Dave Desmelik and his band, who played at the new Moonlight Mile studio near Asheville, NC. Gary Wiley (bass), son Grady Wiley (drums) and Dave Desmelik play on the Lingua Musica show

With a brand new concept for the show in a studio that opened only weeks before, we wanted to choose wisely with our first guest. Who better to pick than Lingua Musica veteran subject Dave Desmelik? Dave is a kind and generous individual, and lucky for us, a bit of a risk taker. He jumped into our untested project without hesitation, bringing both his live band as well as his longtime friend and band mate, Josh Gibbs, for the interview portion of the show. Josh would have played live in the band as well were it not for a broken shoulder.

As showtime approached, we enjoyed seeing an audience full of friends and fans as Tony Preston adjusted lights, cameras and gear. We breathed a sigh of relief as the production went off without a hitch. The interview gave a view of Dave, Josh and his band as artists and family men that treasured their music as avocation, with profound dedication to not only their spouses and children but to each other as well. The performance was intimate and engaging, with Dave and his band playing music ranging all over his career, from his latest album Instrumental Swim all the way back to his days in the Flagstaff, Arizona band Onus B. Johnson.

Many thanks to Dave and his band, to Tony Preston of Moonlight Mile and to Sloane Spencer of Country Fried Rock for making the show possible. Also, thanks to longtime contributor and supporter of Lingua Musica, Barbie Angell for being there and live-tweeting the show. We'll be posting the finished video here as soon as it is finished later this week!