The Lingua Musica Show with Emily Easterly

Emily Easterly and her husband J Seger have traveled up and down the East coast, from Richmond to Miami, Brooklyn, and now, Asheville. Here, host Joe Kendrick talks with Emily and J before their performance with drummer Andy Woodward at Moonlight Mile studio in Arden, NC, on April 19th, 2014.

Emily and J talk about the genesis of their new EP, Get Bothered, which features artwork from Asheville artist and friend, Nathanael Roney. Nathanael also produced the video of her song "Decent Animal". We cover everything from why they chose to call Asheville home, working with heavy-hitting artists Johnny Hickman (Cracker) and Alan Weatherhead (Sparklehorse), how they manage life as a married couple working together in a band, Emily's Beatles fixation growing up and a lot more. The show kicks off with the title track of her record, "Get Bothered".

Thanks to Barbie Angell for emceeing the show, Tony Preston for hosting the event and producing the video, and to Emily, J and Andy for a great interview and performance! Click here to see the show, and thanks for visiting!

(left to right) J Seger, Joe Kendrick, Emily Easterly and Andy Woodward backstage